Would you trade social media success for a sports career? Why doesn't Jake Paul consider himself an influencer anymore?

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At the end of 2021, Forbes named the highest paid YouTubers, and Jake Paul took second place in the magazine's ranking. Forbes estimates that he made $45 million last year.

jakepaul / Instagram
Source: jakepaul / Instagram

At the same time, Jake admits in a Bloomberg interview that he has moved away from daily content production. It's true he took an almost six-month break from his YouTube channel. However, in the summer of 2022, Jake's channel was revived.

So in this text, we will talk about one of the most scandalous YouTubers who traded his social media success for boxing fights.

Boxer, rapper, YouTuber and Disney star Jake Paul announced he no longer considered himself a YouTuber one year ago. “No. I do that stuff. But I don’t know when the last time I posted something on YouTube was. But I can tell you the last time I trained and that was this morning. I’m waking up training every single day. Sometimes twice a day. Even in the offseason. The thought of making a YouTube video doesn’t cross my mind. I do it to promote my brand. I’m not a social media influencer anymore,” Jake said in a Bloomberg interview.

At the same time, despite the long pause from YouTube, Jake Paul has not posted content for almost six months, but he has maintained an active community. His latest video had over half a million views in less than a week.

Why doesn't Jake Paul consider himself a YouTuber anymore?

Jake is 25 years old. He launched his YouTube channel in 2013 when he was 16, and as he admits, he became super popular in just a couple of years. "At 18, 19 years old, I was making millions and getting all these followers. I was immature with the way I acted."

He got his boost to fame from the Disney show "Bizaardvark.” However, the success of his older brother, Logan Paul, also played an important role. He is also a super cool YouTuber. And by the way, according to the results of 2021, Logan took ninth place on the Forbes list with earnings of 18 million USD. So it would seem that with a start like this, Jake would definitely be an influencer and try to overtake his older brother in the number of subscribers, especially since he had already beaten him in earnings. But no. Jake, at least for now, prefers a sporting career, devoting all his free time to boxing. And now, he uses social media to promote his sports career.

Jake Paul v. Ben Askren

After defeating former basketball player Nate Robinson, Jake wanted to challenge former UFC fighters in the boxing arena. Ben Askren was the first to fight with the YouTuber. The fight was scheduled for eight rounds in Atlanta on April 17, 2021. To the audience’s surpise, Paul immediately knocked out the former UFC fighter. The duel ended after one minute and ten seconds.

jakepaul / Instagram
Source: jakepaul / Instagram

Is boxing more profitable than YouTube?

It seems so. According to the portal, the American earned $690,000 for the fight with Ben Askren.

We can’t help but mention that in an interview with ESPN in December 2020, Jake Paul stated that he earned an eight-figure sum for the fight with Nate Robinson, meaning that it should be at least $10 million.

After switching to boxing, Jake uses the power of social media to increase the interest and attention of his persona. Maybe in the very near future we will see him start developing his channel more actively. And who knows, perhaps he'll make another sharp turn and become one of the greatest influencers ever.

Now, some inside news

ER on Jake's channel for one month is about 5.5%, and the recommended price for advertising cooperation with him is $18,000. So even despite the lack of content for a long time, it is stable at just over 20 million subscribers.

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