How do YouTube stars make money offline? Spoiler alert: today we will be talking about MrBeast's burgers

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At the end of 2021, Forbes named MrBeast the highest earner on YouTube. However, brand collaborations, social media ads and millions of views on YouTube are not MrBeast's only sources of income.

We are talking about burgers from one of the coolest YouTubers.

MrBeast burgers came out in December 2020.

The opening video has been viewed more than 115 million times! Even if every hundredth person who watched that video wanted to try a burger, a million burgers have already sold. In fact, that's pretty much how it happened.

Three months after the opening, the millionth burger was sold. In March 2021, MrBeast announced that he already had 420 restaurants in the US. The chain then extended beyond the country’s borders, and a new restaurant opened in Canada. In May of last year, MrBeast opened restaurants in London, and he expects to offer his burgers other European cities soon.

Did the pandemic help, or did MrBeast know that people love to watch YouTube and eat burgers?

Perhaps it was not only his fantastic popularity on YouTube that helped MrBeast but also the fact that he caught the trending popularity of virtual restaurants.

This format is moving away from the traditional on-premise serving to food delivery. All in all, it was just what we needed at the end of 2020, and it looks like this trend is still working today.

MrBeast has three types of burgers on the menu, priced between $6.99 and $8.99. Chicken sandwiches, french fries, cookies and drinks are also sold, but sales figures for these items have not been disclosed.

mrbeastburger / Instagram
Source: mrbeastburger / Instagram

During the crisis, burgers were an experiment not only by a YouTuber. Some restaurants have added new burgers to their menus as a kind of insurance. Now about 40% of MrBeast Burgers are in brick-and-mortar restaurants operated by Earl Enterprises, such as Buca di Beppo and Bertucci's. The rest are inside other chains or independents.

In general, there is no consensus in the fast-food market about MrBeast Burgers. Some people see the concept of virtual restaurants as a temporary story that worked during the pandemic and will soon fall by the wayside. Youtuber's partners, Virtual Dining Concepts, have a vision and plans of their own. They plan to open 2,000 restaurants by next year, which means they intend to grow by about three times.

Why is Jimmy Donaldson selling burgers?

Is it really necessary to be in the burger business if you have an entire YouTube empire? Well, I guess it's always good to have different sources of income. Yes, MrBeast also collects donations from the audience and has many other incomes. But do not forget that MrBeast is no longer just one person, but he’s backed by a huge team of super professionals. Almost 60 people stand behind Jimmy Donaldson, and he is looking for 23 more people to join his team. At the time of writing this blog, he has vacancies for any specialty, from Private Chef to YouTube Research Strategist.

All in all, maybe burgers are not a bad idea to cover some of the expenses of video content production. On the other hand, this is just one of the many options for monetizing your own brand; it is quite possible that Jimmy Donaldson will surprise us with something else in the near future.

Some insider information from Hypetrain

We all know that the MrBeast’s team makes great content, but it's still interesting to look at the channel's audience engagement data and compare it to its main competitor, PewDiePie. You can read more about this here.

At the end of the month, PewDiePie’s audience involvement is slightly higher at a rate of 7.14% versus 5.39%. Of course, that’s not a surprise. MrBeast admitted that he learned from PewDiePie's streams. Oldies but goldies, as they say.

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