Onlyfans and FeetFinder. What other platforms do influencers use

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This post will probably be our weirdest article, but we couldn't avoid discussing this topic. Influencers often use all platforms at one time, not only the mainstream ones. In fact, they are everywhere, including the platforms that use influencers only recommended for people over 18.

Each social network has a different approach to adult content. YouTube does not like explicitly sexual content. Instagram, Twitter and TikTok have more loyal policies. One of the flagships of the sex industry, of course, is Onlyfans. Here, the influencers can make money on adult content, although at the very beginning, the service did not promote itself as an exclusive platform for hot photos and videos. A couple of years ago, the New York Times wrote an article about how Onlyfans changed the sex industry.

But this text is not so much about Onlyfans but about the influencers you can meet there. Unlike YouTube, which monetizes content according to a rather complex scheme depending on where its audience comes from, Onlyfans is much clearer and makes it easy to calculate the influencers’ earnings.

The platform takes 20% of any payment; the rest is income for the influencer.

So, here are more details.

Ana Cheri is a photo and fitness model with 12.7M followers on Instagram and almost one thousand posts on Onlyfans.

anacheri / Instagram
Source: anacheri / Instagram

She became famous for her Instagram fitness video lessons and later became one of the highest-paid models for underwear and swimwear. By the way, on her Instagram, she introduces herself as the owner of @Cheri_Fit Activewear.

Rappers Fat Joe and DJ Khaled offer subscriptions for $20 a month. Here's what they promise: “Welcome to the LIGHT - the page for fans to get exclusive motivational and inspirational content, where we will be guiding fans to ‘the light’ while sharing uplifting insights and behind-the-scenes of our personal lives.”

If you don’t mind, we have one more example of their brand collaborations. The liquor company Hpnotiq has partnered with hip-hop artist Joseph "Fat Joe" Cartagena for a limited-edition bottle of its signature drink. 

Nadya Tolokonnikova is a political activist and musician from Russia, a member of the punk band Pussy Riot. She has over 144K followers on Twitter, where she duplicates some content from Onlyfans.

Here's how she explains why she decided to join the platform: "Eroticism for me is about never revealing all at once [high heel emoji]. I love and respect artists who work with full nudity, though, they're [umbrella emoji, fire emoji]. For me, it's all about shadows, semitones, endless hide-and-seek poetry. And yes, I appreciate how respectful you are to me here. It feels truly supreme."

nadyariot / Twitter
Source: nadyariot / Twitter

By the way, Nadya played herself in one of the episodes of the series "House of Cards." And in the spring of 2021, she put up four parts of her Panic Attack video for an NFT auction and promised that the money would go to a women’s shelter for those that have experienced domestic violence. The four NFT tokens were sold for 179 broadcasts, which is about $320K.

As a bonus, in today's review, we will present another service, even weirder than Onlyfans. This would be … FeetFinder. This site is built on the same principle as Onlyfans, but it is only about feet. You can find feet for any taste here. The service was launched in 2019, and its popularity has significantly increased over the past six months. By the way, the founders emphasize that the site was created not by men but by a team that saw the problem of fraud in this sphere and offered its own, as we can see, successful solution.

On our turn, we offer access to our database with audience profiles of the most popular YouTubers, and shortly, we will also start working with Instagram. Our main task is to make influencer marketing as open as possible - like the content on Onlyfans, but without an age limit.

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