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We’ve been thinking about making this section a kind of digest of the weekly weird and good news to make life a little bit more fun. So here come five stories from the past week which might make you raise your eyebrows. 

Ezra Miller

US actor arrested over assault in Hawaii.

The Fantastic Beasts star, Ezra Miller, threw a chair at a woman while in Hawaii, leaving her with a cut on her forehead.

ezramillerflash / Instagram
Source: ezramillerflash / Instagram

The actor was arrested Tuesday morning for second-degree assault at a private property in Pahoa after reports of the attack.

It's the second time the 29-year-old has been arrested in recent weeks. On March 28, he was detained for disorderly conduct at a karaoke bar.

The Hawaii Police Department said the actor had become "angry" before throwing the chair:

"During the course of their investigation, police determined that the individual, later identified as Ezra Miller, became irate after being asked to leave and reportedly threw a chair, striking a 26-year-old female on the forehead, resulting in an approximate half-inch cut." 

Miller, one of Hollywood’s most famous nonbinary actors, has largely flown under the radar until now, turning in highly-acclaimed performances in indie films before joining the Fantastic Beasts franchise and becoming The Flash in the DC Extended Universe.

However, Rolling Stone reports that Warner Bros and DC executives met after Miller’s first arrest, agreeing to pause any future projects with the actor.

Ashton Edwards 

Edwards is 19, but we only have heard about them this week after reading an article in The New York Times. They are an apprentice at Pacific Northwest Ballet, is part of a rising generation of gender-nonconforming dancers questioning ballet’s rigid gender roles. And we can’t but admit that this shows quite a bit of progress for a conservative trade such as ballet.

Ashton Edwards’s ballet dreams were crushed at age six. They were raised as a boy in the Midwest and had hoped ballet would allow them to explore their truest self. “I wanted to be one of those beautiful, ethereal people on pointe,” they said, referring to the reinforced shoes that allow dancers to stand on the tips of their toes.

ashtonedwards14 / Instagram
Source: ashtonedwards14 / Instagram

After starting ballet classes, Edwards learned pretty quickly that only women danced on pointe. “It was crushing,” – they said. “I would search and search for footage of ‘Swan Lake’ with Baryshnikov as the swan. And it didn’t exist.”

Edwards has realised their childhood dream. Last year, they became an apprentice with Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, where they have been dancing traditionally female roles. An extraordinarily distinctive and talented performer, they are setting an important precedent: an artist assigned male at birth working routinely on pointe in a classical ballet company. 

This month, Edwards joins the ensemble swans in the company’s production of “Swan Lake,” a pinnacle of ballet femininity.

The Dublin Airport and the thousands of complaints  reports that an airport operator working for the DAA has announced there is one individual who lives in Ongar (north-west Dublin) who has made 12,272 noise complaints against the Dublin Airport in 2021. The unidentified person averaged 34 complaints a day and accounted for 90% of all complaints received by the DAA regarding aircraft taking off and landing at the location.

The complaints continue into 2022, with the person already filing 5,276 notices, a daily average of 59.

Most of the filed complaints are regarding the noise from living near the airport, flight paths or flights during the night. 

The DAA says it has responded to each complaint and said airport operators are committed to working with communities on issues such as aircraft noise.

Joe Biden 

On April 19, the Biden administration announced that it would restore parts of a bedrock environmental law, which will once again require federal agencies to consider climate impact and local community input before approving any highway, pipeline or other major project

President Biden has struggled to make progress on his most ambitious climate goals, he draws a sharp contrast with his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, who unraveled the country’s fight against global warming.

The administration has renewed requirements of the 50-year-old National Environmental Policy Act that was removed by President Donald J. Trump, who complained the requirements slowed down the development of mines, road expansions and similar projects.

A few years ago, environmental problems were an important part of public opinion. But after COVID started to spread and the war in central Europe began, many forgot about the planet. It really gives hope that someone has not forgotten and makes an impression that we will return to “normal,” caring for the things that have been bothering us before darker times.

Yesterday, which was the Earth Day, President Biden visited Seattle, where he spoke about the efforts to expand solar energy and offshore wind farms and the clean energy initiatives Congress authorized in 2021 as part of a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package. Mr.Biden also signed an executive order intended to help restore national forests devastated by wildfires, drought and blight. 

The Vladimir Put-in Butt Plug 

Two days ago, it became possible to place a bet on getting Chat Sh*t Get Banged’ butt plug looking like President Putin.

The company makes butt plugs resembling celebrity and cultural figureheads because they say they “are tired of people in positions of power chatting so much cr*p via the media. Chat Sh*t Get Banged’s aim is to flip the narrative and give power back to the people”. 

100% of the income is going towards helping Ukrainians in need via the service.

“#StandWithUkraine - We do not condone the war happening in Ukraine - we are a peaceful NFT protest via the means of art to raise funds for those who are in need. We take this topic very seriously and are deeply saddened and disturbed by the events taking place. We want to make clear that our aim is not to make light of the situation - but in these dark times spread a message of defiance against oppression and fundraise financial aid to those who need it.”

The Vladimir Put-in Butt Plug is an NFT, which can only be bought using crypto money.

Hope we made your day a little bit more fascinating. Can’t wait to see what the following week will bring us!

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